My life is a testimony through the ministry of Jesus Christ who operates through the ministry of Prophetess Gloria Stidum, & Glorious Prophetic International Ministries.

I have been sitting under Prophetess Gloria for close to three years and have to say, I have lived & witnessed three years of her ability to usher in the Holy Spirit through worship, bringing the body of Christ into the presence of God & HIS Holy Ground.

My life first, was spiritually broken, but was also emotionally and mentally broken. For the last three years, I have been healed and delivered on a continuous basis. The pains are gone. My depression is gone. I’m walking in peace, I’m walking in joy, and I’m walking in love; the essentials for living an abundant life. I’m witnessing others being set free. I’m filled with the uncompromising Truth. The anointing of the Lord that rests upon her is a Word spoken in season, it is prayer, it is healing, it is worship. Her ability to hear from the Lord can give one word that brings a peace and calmness into my life, whether it’s through an answer or whether it comes from the pulpit. Prophetess Gloria discipled me even when she was unaware she was discipling me. I wanted the Jesus that she knows; I wanted to love the body of Christ the way Jesus shows love through her. I so desperately needed to be in an atmosphere that will not compromise the Holy Spirit, and because she yields herself, the Holy Spirit is able to minister to every need, to every person, no one left behind; and because of her yielding, God has the ability to speak to me what I need every time, on time.

With sitting Under GPIM comes the knowing, that you will always be sitting in the presence of God. I am thankful to be a part of Glorious Prophetic Ministries. God resides here.

Barb Lemon
McMinnville, Oregon


It was in 2003 that I met Prophetess Gloria for the first time.  And I thank God for Gloria being a part of my life and the life of my family.  I have personally grown in my walk with the Lord through Gloria’s mentoring.  I came thinking Gloria needed me; not knowing that I needed what was inside of Gloria.  But God began to reveal through Gloria that I needed Him more than I realized.  I was full of religiosity, full of pride, self-centered, and my marriage was a mess.  Through Gloria’s genuine agape love, consistently being patient, constant and persistence in giving correction and her never ceasing prayers for me even through my mess, I am a new person today.  I cannot say that Gloria has been a blessing to just me, but she has been instrumental in the spiritual growth of my husband and my daughters.  She has counseled my husband and me through difficult times in our marriage.  And she has been a true friend as our family experienced a serious illness of my eldest daughter at age 17.  And now at age 21 my daughter is also a mentee of Gloria’s.  It is a blessing to have someone that consistently walk without breaking rank in her love and pour into the lives of your whole family.  We are blessed that God has chosen our family to be a part of Gloria’s life.  I thank God for Gloria for she is truly one who demonstrates the love of God not just in word but in deed.  Her life is a living sacrifice that glorifies God.  She is a blessing to the body of Christ.

Sandra Jackson
Portland, Oregon


Hi Glo,

I do not recall the exact night. I believe it was during the summer of 2005 not sure. Miracle Revival was having a women's conference. The theme was “Women wailing in Unity”. You spoke on Women being united together, being a servant of God. The message was so powerful. When you called for prayer, I recall going forward, standing off to the side, you signal for me to come forward. You began to prophesy that God was going to give me a miracle in my health. I can expect a Miracle. Begin walking in the miracle. What was so amazing about the Holy Spirit you did not know it was I you were praying for. I was slain in the Spirit. At that moment I knew I needed to trust God without wavering.


Brenda Davis



My Testimony for GPIM:

One of the reasons that I am where I am today and who I am today is because of GPIM. While traveling with Glo on several ministry opportunities I was able to observe close up what it means to minister. What I learned is that love for the Lord and for His people are of utmost importance. I praise God for the Spirit of God that is on this ministry and because of that time I was groomed for ministry. Now that I am in ministry with my husband I often reflect back on the many experiences and remind myself that, “it’s not about me” and how I need to “abandon” all. If anyone has served with or under Glo these sayings will be very familiar to you. And because the standard was raised, it challenged me to meet it. There was no compromising! Praise God for a ministry that is about honoring God and training people to do the same!!

Teresa Townes


To God be the Glory! Great things he has done!

My life has completely changed by coming in contact with Gloria, her husband Leodis (UNCLE LEO) and their daughter Martrice.

Gloria is truly a dynamic woman of God who loves the Lord with her entire heart, soul and all her strength and who teaches and imparts to other women like myself, how to love the Lord with this same passion.

Gloria plays so many different roles in my life:
Minister, Prophetess, Mentor, Teacher, Friend, Spiritual Mother and the list go on and on. (These are just a few).

I found that in coming in contact with Gloria and GPIM that my whole perspective on everything has changed.

I have learned from Gloria/GPIM about True Praise and Worship. I have learnt how to be a true servant of God.
I have learned about interceding (Standing in the Gap) for others. I have learnt and continue to learn about walking in true ministry.
I have learned how to replace my intellectual mind with the mind of Christ daily.

I have learned how to Love others with God’s Agape Love.
I have learned how to daily walk in integrity without compromising the standards of God.
I have learned how to totally rely and trust the Father in every aspect on my life.

How can I explain all the emails that Gloria has written to encourage me to be all that God has preordained for my life?

How can I explain all the phone calls that she has made to me to minister to me…even staying into the early hours of the morning missing her sleep so that she can see me through a situation, or walk me through my deliverance.

Now everyone that knows Gloria would understand that her home is one of ministry where it is opened up to persons that maybe need to get away to spend time with God or to rest.

I have spent days at end there. (She usually has to send me to my home!!)

I have seen by going out on assignments with Gloria the extensive preparation that Gloria places for each assignment. Gloria prays, fast, and denies herself for weeks as the Holy Spirit would lead her so that God’s people would receive a fresh word every time, and would be saved, delivered and free.

I have seen her crying out for the souls and deliverance for the people.

I have seen her hugging and imparting God’s love to each individual that she ministers too.

I have seen the tears flowing and heard her wailing for the souls that she ministered too, as she drives home or goes back to her hotel room after each assignment.

I have seen how God turned my own life around by her obedience to God.

I have seen how she ministers to her first ministry (her husband) without ever breaking rank.

I have seen her walk in her home, GPIM, her home church and other ministries that she is faithful too without ever breaking rank or without complaints.

If you have ever met, heard or know Gloria, you would understand that she speaks nothing but the truth because she knows by doing so, you would be free.

To explain all the miracles I have seen while knowing Gloria… is too much for me to write out…

But just to conclude that my life has been placed into perspective by this powerful, anointed humble servant of God.

Gloria I will continually pray blessings over you and your family’s life, because you give so much to each person that God allows you to minister too.

May God bless you abundantly even more than you could think, ask or even desire for everything that you have done for my family (Andrew, Ron, Corinne) and I.

Thanks for allowing me to be myself and for putting up with me.

Thanks you, thank you, and thank you!

Abundant Blessings!

Donna Isaac



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