Glorious Prophetic International Ministries' Mission


Glorious Prophetic International Ministries (GPIM) exists as a place and as a people united to create an atmosphere where God is not only welcome but as a place where His Presence can dwell.

Our eternal purpose is to establish a place where God’s glory can be manifested in such a way whereas only He receives the glory.

GPIM believes that equipping is the most vital component to successful Christian living.

Therefore, our ultimate mission is to equip the body of Christ with life-changing tools that will increase each one’s effectiveness in the advancing of God’s kingdom.

We strive to maximize each individual’s spiritual growth by transforming and renewing their minds. GPIM also strives to strengthen and rehabilitate families, churches and communities.


GPIM's Vision:

To restore the broken body of Christ to the heart of the Father through the simple, yet powerful knowledge of His spoken word.

To teach the love of Jesus Christ and to stress the importance and the significance of embracing and honoring each other as one body, in one Spirit, which is the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To educate on the importance of prayer and on the basics of how we are to endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

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